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Phone Vault is a unique mobile application that allows you to securely store sensitive information in one centralized place. Its intended audience is privacy-minded individuals who do not want to store sensitive information in the cloud. The app will store website passwords, manage two factor authenticator codes, save secure notes and stash away your important photos and documents. But more importantly, the app allows you to securely access this information from other devices without requiring you to sync your data with the cloud, like other password managers do. This way all your passwords and other secure content stays on your phone, while still allowing you to easily and securely share them across your devices when you need them.

To securely share a password, note, photo or document from the app, you must first log in with the app, as well as on this website. Then you simply send the item from the app and it appears on the website. We never store this information anywhere and as soon as you close the tab or refresh the page, it is deleted. You can also modify an item in the browser and send it back to the app. All this is done securely using the latest industry security practices.

But if you prefer to never send your sensitive items off your phone, the app does not use the internet, unless you explicitly log in.


Store passwords for all your websites and even non-web passwords.

Store your two factor methods. They can be stored individually or attached to your website password items so you no longer need two apps to access your passwords and 2FA codes.

Store your sensitive photos and documents, like you driver's license, passport, social security card, important PDFs and others so you have them easily accessible.

Easily and securely access your items from the browser without the need to sync. All your data stays on your phone.

Edit your items right in the browser and send them back to the app.

Completely offline if you don't want to share with other devices.

Mobile app and sharing is free forever. If you send a lot of files and photos from the app to the browser, you have to purchase additional bandwidth.

Phone Vault is developed by a company called Tiny Town Software. We have been in the software business for over ten years. Our most successful website to date is Balance Forecasting, a personal finance tool.

We developed the app because we noticed something missing from the password manager ecosystem. We wanted to build an app that stored more than passwords. We wanted to be able to have all our passwords, secure notes, sensitive photos and two factor codes in one place. But more importantly we wanted to stay away from the business of syncing our users' data to the "cloud". We wanted the data to live on the phone, while at the same time allowing our users to easily and securely access it from other devices. We do not store anything you send from your phone or anything you enter into the website. The privacy and security of your data is our first and foremost concern. As soon as you close the browser tab or refresh the page, all the data you have sent from the app is deleted.

The way we accomplished this is by using a Microsoft technology called SignalR. This technology has many real-time applications and is traditionally used for things like chat applications. In our case, we wanted to find a way to send information from the app directly to a browser session without needing to store any information in a persistent database. Because of higher costs incurred when sending lots of data, we have certain data caps when using the app. Sending passwords and notes consumes very little data. But if you send a lot of photos and documents, you will quickly consume the initial free 100MB of data, after which point you will need to purchase additional bandwidth. We strive to keep our prices very low and those fees also go towards simply keeping the light on this great product. For more details on pricing, click the button next to your email once you are logged in.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us:

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